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Access to Data Anytime & ANywhere with ASP Delivery

Secure serverWANS can remotely host your client management application on our secure server. You have access to your organizational data anytime, anywhere via the Internet. You pay a monthly fee based on the number of modules and number of users as part of your operating budget as opposed to a capital expenditure for purchasing software and hardware. WANS manages all the technical aspects.

Benefits of the Application Service Provider (ASP) Solution:

  • Lower cost of management and operations. Since the task of managing and running the application on an on-going basis is the responsibility of WANS,the need for in-house technology staff is reduced.
  • Quicker implementation. ASP-delivered applications can often reduce the complexity of installing a new system.
  • Focus on your programs, not technology. Since WANS provides application management services, there is access to trained personnel right away.
  • Keep current on the latest technology. Automatically leverage the latest technology without incremental upgrade expense.
  • Back-Ups and upgrades are included in monthly fees
  • Predictability of costs. One of the benefits of the ASP model is that costs are fixed and can be calculated easily throughout the year, which makes it easier to budget accordingly.
  • Ongoing service and reliability. Once a web developer is finished with your project, and paid for their services, they go on to the next project.
  • Ongoing serviceThe goal of the ASP model is to provide customers with a reliable application through ongoing customer service and support at a fixed monthly cost.
  • Security Measures. Security is the primary concern when dealing with private and sensitive information over the Internet.The system will incorporate logons and passwords for permitted users as well as VeriSign SSL certification for the highest level of data encryption.

"We have been thankful for the knowledge transfer that WANS has provided in the design and development of database systems. It has been a pleasure working with Matt Large amd I have truly learned a lot. Your patience and tenacity has proven to be a complement to our organization. You kept us focused and headed in the proper direction. You were open for change and responded in a very professional manner even in the worst of circumstances. It is truly a pleasure to be able to work under your direction and at your side"

~ Jacqueline Price
RAP, Inc.

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