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On Client Tracking...

"When your nonprofit works directly with clients, it can be difficult to figure out exactly how your organization is helping, and which resources you're providing are the most valuable. A nonprofit might provide a young adult with access to an after-school program, life skills training, drug abuse prevention, and mental health counseling services. When that young adult succeeds in life, enrolls in college, and lives independently, how do you know which services made the biggest impact?"1

"Difficult as it may be, quantifying how your organization's prosgrams and services impact the community you serve is one of a nonprofit's most important and challenging tasks. Nonprofits want to invest their limited resources in the programs and services that are most successful, and funders and supporters want to know the impact of their investments."1

"It can be a struggle to provide proof of your impact on individuals, children, and families in the form of numbers, analysis, and evaluation. But when technology is used as an integral part of service delivery, it can help address some of these challenges and even uncover new opportunities." Client management and outcomes tracking databases can help nonprofit organizations and funders achieve maximum effectiveness with limited resources. In the best cases, these tools increase service capacity and improve program effectiveness so that nonprofits can better support those they serve and better understand and quantify their impact."1

(1 Reference from an article authored by the Npower Network, Copyright 2005)

Benefits of Client Tracking Databases

  1. Increases time clients receive from staff to address their needs because the technology will eliminate repetitive record-keeping tasks.

  2. Helps ensure clients receive optimum assistance by accurate evaluation of of client progress.

  3. Facilitates the continuum of care through staff ability to easily access client information and identify gaps in services and progress.

  4. Helps reduce client frustrations with completing multiple forms through on-line application including disability questionnaire and authorizations.

  5. Instantaneous reporting available to evaluate program effectiveness and for use in applying for new funding.

WANS's Client Tracking begins with the intake module which is the initial data entry point for all client information.

  • Search by Last Name or Client ID
  • Edit current client or create a new client record
  • Quickly enter administrative, demographic and health/social information
  • Track key information including referral sources, funding information and assessments/notes
  • Fields within this module can be customized to meet the tracking needs of your organization.

"With their courteous staff and technical expertise,WANS's data management solutions will help us serve our clients better than ever before."

~ John Price
Rennassaince House

"Thanks for all the work you have put into the program. It is exciting—solving some of the issues that have been plaguing us for some time."

~ Jay F. Lehnertz
Episcopal Community Services

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