Empowering Non-Profit And Social Service Organizations
To Measure The Impact Of Their Programs

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Organizational Data Integration

  • Showing a complete view of your client?

  • Supporting sound business decisions?

  • Complying with government mandates?

  • Performing program analysis to provide both numbers served as well as results and outcomes?

  • Available across departments (HR, Accounting...)?

  • Supporting budget management?

  • Accessible for accurate billing?

Data Integration

If your organization has disparate tools between functions or departments, producing redundant and inaccurate data, we can help consolidate and standardize by building query, reporting and dashboard tools into your application.  Streamlining information helps reduce overall costs

Non-profits are under constant scrutiny by donors and funders requesting transparency in spending and reporting on program activity.  By accessing organizational intelligence from one source, consistent answers are delivered to the right person at the right time.

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